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Top 5 Study Tips For Students Making Revision Notes

Revision notes are essential to all revision, these are some of our best tips to help you make them!

Study Tip 1: Do not highlight.

Studies have shown that highlighting is not as good as its reputation. According to website that does your homework highlighting isolates single pieces of information and can effectively hinder revision and information intake.

Study Tip 2: Structure your notes.

Make sure you have coherent notes that you can refer back to whenever you need. If needed, there are various note taking software that can help you structure your notes with ease and help save you time. According to study daddy this is especially effective if you’re faster at typing than you are at writing.

Study Tip 3: Use Mindmaps.

Mindmaps are a great way to make notes especially if there is a chunk of information and an associating picture as this can help as your brain can remember that picture then subsequently the information that is associated to it.

Study Tip 4: Bullet Point

Bullet points are an excellent and swift way to make notes that you can easily refer back to and create revision and flash cards from. According to precalculus help experts there are various pieces of software that can help you make mindmaps with ease.

Study Tip 5: Make Back-Ups.

Your revision notes are valuable, and when it comes to your exams, they will help you a lot, So be sure to make backups of any digital notes and if you have access to a scanner, it can’t hurt to back up your notes that are on paper in case of an accident such as you accidently spill tea on them!

Top Study Tips For Creating Awesome Study Timetables

Study Tip 1: Factor In Breaks

Breaks are extremely important when you’re doing a lot of studying- make sure you include short 15-20 mins break to ensure you don’t get overworked and use this time to de-stress and complete an activity such as exercise or socialising.

Study Tip 2: Don’t Overwork Yourself

Make sure you’re not overworked as it can affect your cognitive abilities and overall makes you feel stressed and anxious. Studying is important- but so is your mental health!

Study Tip 3: Start off your day with an achievable task.

By starting off your day with a task that is achievable will give you a motivation boost for the rest of the day which will hopefully help with your studying productivity.

Study Tip 4: Reward Yourself.

If you’ve been revising for a whole day, and have used a lot of willpower to do so, be sure to reward yourself with free time, confectionery or something that you enjoy doing. Remember keeping a balance between revision and your social life is key!

Study Tip 5: Make sure your timetable is reasonable.

Set realistic times for yourself and ones that you know you will be able to stick too- otherwise the purpose of timetabling is pointless and you’re more likely to get less revision completed.

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